I'm a Canadian girl from Vancouver who studied in Paris in 2011-2012. I did a lot of travelling in France and in Europe generally. These are my photos, my observations, and my stories.


Je suis canadienne de Vancouver qui a étudié à Paris en 2011-2012. J'avais beaucoup voyagé en France et en Europe ; voici mes photos, mes remarques et mes histoires.


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May 28th

Historical Recaps : Berlin

Some of you might know that I’ve recently returned from a week-long trip to Berlin, Germany. It’s an amazing, young, and dynamic city… but with a horribly dark past.

It’s taken me a long time to gather my photos and notes about the trip… not because there were too many, but because for some of them I really needed time to distance myself before revisiting them.

For instance, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp just outside the city… well, how do I even begin to post about that? It took me ten days to even be able to look at those photos again. I can’t just do my normal bit where I post the photos without context, or with a couple sentences of explanation at the bottom. Nor could I really fit the experience into a single post.

So, I’m going to do some historical recap posts under two categories: first, the Berlin Wall, and afterwards, Sachsenhausen. Each category will have a few sub-posts where I’ll talk about (and/or post photos from) different aspects of these topics. Maybe… two times a week?

I’ll start soon with Part I on the Berlin Wall : Checkpoint Charlie.